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On the weekend of October 16, 2015, Portland Code School was abruptly shut down by its Los Angeles owner. Students and instructors were given no advance notice. The locks on the doors of the school were changed to prevent anyone from entering, and no provision was made for the completion of classes that were in session.

Now, with the students left on their own, they need places to meet and study, mentors to help guide their final projects, a place to showcase their final projects, and advisors to help them in the job search process.

How You Can Help

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Coding

In spite of this difficult situation, we're not giving up! If you, or anyone you know, can help out in any of the ways listed below, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Do you want to sponsor the event?

There are still a few pieces of the event that need funding, such as catering and student site hosting. If you are looking to support a valuable event with public exposure, please reach out to us below.

Be a Sponsor!

Do you want to come to the final presentations?

Thanks to the sponsorship from Wirestorm Portland, the final presentations will take place at Forge Portland on Monday, November 16th at 6:30 pm! Click below for more info!

Final Presentation Info!

Are you looking to hire developers?

Our hard-working developers will soon be looking for work as interns or junior devs, and they would make a great addition to your company! Click on the button below to get in touch!

Help with job-placement!

About The Final Presentations

Who: The JavaScript Immersion, Night Class and iOS students will be showcasing the apps they have been working on for the last month.

Where: The event will take place at Forge Portland

(1410 SW Morrison St #850, Portland, OR 97205)
Sponsored by: Wirestorm Innovations

When: Doors open at 6 pm, and project presentations will commence at 6:30 pm.

Why You Should Come: Because you want to support Portland's awesome tech community! Fellow coders, recruiters, business people, and supporters are welcome!

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Student Projects

Click on the portfolio pictures to learn more about the students behind the apps, and the technology they used to make them!

Bands From Here

An app that allows users to discover bands and artists from a particular city.


A platform for people to use Youtube and Soundcloud to quickly and easily create the perfect mixtape for any situation.

Operation Project (project)

A web platform for members of our community to showcase their work.


Meetworking helps you target up to three companies, showing you the Meetups those employees are attending as well as the events held at that company's location—a quick way to get your foot in the door.


DashMonster is the hyper-focused transit and weather app you need most of the time.


A sleek and intuitive scheduling app for small business.

Profession Quest

An app that lets you search through aggregated job data from multiple external sources.


A web application that helps connect pet owners to their lost pets.

A Very Special Thanks:

The Portland Tech Community has been amazing in their outpour of support. In the first 72 hours, we received help by way of study space, domain hosting, student group mentorship, a presentation night venue and catering, and more. And the support hasn't stopped. This is what PDX is all about. Thank you to everyone for the support, and a special thanks to the business below!

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